Dowen College: Senator Kashamu’s family speaks on son’s involvement in Sylvester death


The group of the late Senator Buruji Kashamu has prevented the inclusion from getting their child in the passing of Sylvester Oromoni, 12-year-old understudy of Dowen College, Lekki.

Every day POST reviews that Sylvester passed on from inner wounds days before his birthday subsequent to being attacked by individual understudies in Dowen College.

The expired, before his passing, referenced a few names of young men who attacked him.

Kashamu's child was one of the suspects named for the situation.

In any case, the family in an assertion gave by Mutairu Kashamu for the family, affirmed that albeit one of their children, Michael Adewale Kashamu, was named among the associated menaces with the perished, he had no inclusion in the passing of Sylvester.

Some portion of the assertion read: "The Kashamu family has been immersed with enquiries, brings and messages over the lamentable occurrence at Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, that prompted the inauspicious passing of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12-year-old understudy of the College.

"Most analysts have hurried to ends dependent on presumptions and bogus data, including the charge that our child Adewale Michael Kashamu was engaged with the tormenting or beating of Sylvester Oromoni."

The family noticed that it has led its private examination since the story broke out and their child was only Sylvester's school father the past meeting.

"We as a family have made our own private enquiries and painstakingly interrogated our child regarding his association. This is the reason we didn't surge out to react to the digital following, verbally abusing and negative critiques that have assumed control over the online media about our child's supposed inclusion in this pitiful episode.

"A portion of the verifiable realities currently leisurely rising up out of under the mass of falsehoods are that: Our child, Adewale Michael Kashamu, had gone about as a school father for the late Sylvester in his first meeting in the school in line with Sylvester's sister who is additionally an understudy of the school.

"Be that as it may, in the 2021 meeting which started in September 2021 Adewale Michael Kashamu was moved to an alternate floor in the motel and engaged in his own investigations and exercises, our child was no longer as near Sylvester as in the past meeting."

The family mourned with the group of Late Sylvester Oromoni and spoke to one and all to hold their ponies until the police and the Lagos State government have finished their autonomous examinations and set up reality.

Dowen College has been closed down endlessly by the Lagos State government till examination concerning Sylvester's demise is finished.



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