Mercy Johnson visits daughter’s school, debunks claim of using thugs to beat up staff


Nollywood entertainer, Mercy Johnson has exposed cases that she took hooligans to her little girl's school to attack the instructor. 

Review that on Friday morning, October 22nd, the mother of four in an extended Instagram post asserted that her 8-year-old little girl is being harassed in her new school by an educator. 

As per Mercy, her little girl who used to adore going to class currently fears going to class and surprisingly mentioned her school be changed due to the evil treatment from the instructor. 

Responding to the entertainer's post an Instagram client who affirmed that she saw the entire episode at the school, shared a totally unique story. 

As per the woman distinguished as @thenancychidera , Mercy Johnson battled the school's head educator since she remedied her girl. The woman affirmed that Mercy's better half likewise carried three capable men to the school to pummel the educator. 

Responding to @thenancychidera's charges, Mercy who was in Purity's school to settle the issue went live on Instagram and scrutinized the staff of the school including the headteacher in the event that she at any point brought hooligans or battled at the school as guaranteed. 

The instructors anyway affirmed that @thenancychidera's case is bogus and a created story.



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