How to Become a Successful Musician in Nigeria


1. Ability and Hardwork

While it is actually the case that in each field, there are conceived wonders and their kin who needed to work really hard to become fruitful.

Regardless, what made a difference, eventually, was that they were effective.

So assuming you have the ability, you have this zing for music, you check out you and at the snap of a finger, you have fixed yourself a few verses and a melody is set, then, at that point, that is awesome!! you are one stride ahead.

You are honored and skilled.

Everything you want do is to include more private endeavors in working on anything sort of music classification you're great in, then, at that point, simply follow the other sub-headings.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you don't fall into this "gift and effortlessness" classification, it implies you need to sort out your nerves to the last option.

Stay nearby the studios frequently, read books on music, get a coach, play a lapdog assuming you need to, get familiar with an instrument, do everything you can in every one of the ways you can to begin singing great tunes.

Whenever you've shown up by then where somebody can pay attention to your tune and gesture in insistence of good music heard, then, at that point, you have effectively crossed the absolute first scaffold to being a fruitful craftsman in Nigeria.

2. Do the surprising

It couldn't be any more obvious, the Nigerian music scene is jumbled with an excessive number of craftsmen doing odd regular tunes with family beats that everybody feigns exacerbation to in irritation.

Assuming that you can become extraordinary and cut out a specialty for yourself you'll be well known and fruitful.

Ask Terry G, he went crazy doing music, he got his popularity and achievement.

Ask Phyno who took to rapping in his vernacular.

Ask Asa who spat on all the customary Hip Hop and went solo, doing her thing with the guitar.

You can leave the nation, get beats and styles from other African countries, return and implant it into your music.

Simply do the remarkable, do a tune in an extraordinary way against what everybody is accustomed to hearing and afterward the spotlight can radiate splendidly on you.

3. Become a patriots

Indeed, you can ask Duncan Mighty who sang "Port Harcourt Boy" and Mish with his "Akwa Ibom Ayaya" tune.

This course is significantly quicker, particularly in the event that the beats are extraordinary and the verses talk about each beneficial thing your state brings to the table.

Call names, lead representatives, pastors, congresspersons, chiefs, publicity them, express every one of the beneficial things in the book.

Your tune will be played consistently at your state's administration house.

You'll be regularly called to come to do it in political social events in the state.

Your lead representative may shake the melody so hard, he'd be compelled to respect and engage you.

So going enthusiastic can speed up your rising into tables where the large young men sit and afterward you can proceed from that point, reeling out other extraordinary melodies not really with an energetic feeling this time, else you will descend that stature you climbed.

4. Enter a music contest

This reduces to a blend of ability and difficult work.

You are gifted and you want to make it happen.

Lovely! sign up for one of these music rivalries out of control.

Go out and fight with different candidates, you could luck out and turn into the champ.

Iyanya, Praiz, Chidinma, Omawumi, Mercy Chinwo, Timi Dakolo all rose from these stages, look where they are today.

The great part is that, regardless of whether you end up as the champ, you could in any case sparkle with the prevalence and experience you've gotten.

Indeed, even the first and second sprinters up of this opposition actually become famous subsequently.

5. Make a one of a kind dance step or style

Everybody loves to move to the beats of a tune.

It may very well be the distinct advantage for you as an impending artiste.

I like locating cases, Olu Maintain preceding "Yahooze" was forthcoming, however the dance style declared him.

Dance styles have sent Nigerians wild in energy, from Alanta to etighi to Azonto to shoki to galala to shaku, the rundown is perpetual, assist me with finishing them and be the adjudicator of the craftsman who sang them as far as notoriety and achievement.

You ought to have pondered one new dance step as of now.

Oh no!! you're actually thinking?? proceed.

6. Raise some residue

Exposure is exposure.

Regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

Accomplish something that will give you the "everyone's eyes on me" consideration.

Hello! try not to kill somebody or bang somebody's better half.

Simply go somewhat questionable, get the spotlight and sparkle it on your brow by dissing a top craftsman, faking something you're not and getting found out, fall of the stage while performing, permit female fans attack you in front of an audience, strip down to your undies in front of an audience, assuming you are a female, continue to streak a few undies and boobs at each given an open door, accomplish something insane that can court consideration for you, yet I should caution here genuinely.



This recommendation is to be utilized with alert and at clients' danger.

It probably won't make you effective right now however it will give you enough prominence which may prompt a few arrangements.

Trust me, certain individuals will like you for glimmering your boobs consistently or for assaulting top artists day by day.

Cossy has fans, Bob unsafe does, the questionable OAP daddy freeze does as well.

Furthermore incidentally, even the top big names in music and Nollywood do it at whatever point they notice a sharp decrease in their importance and notoriety.

They refer to it as "Exposure Stunt".

Two major demonstrations will participate in a squabble on the web, after two days they are saying 'sorry' to each other in the wake of giving web journals a fat paycheque, don't you presume something?

Indeed, I do.

7. Line up with the huge young men and roll with them

At the point when you roll with the A-rundown acts in the business, a portion of their unmistakable amazing lights may shift toward you.

Entryway your way into being endorsed by one of these top record marks, there's an article on this as of now how to get endorsed by a record name in Nigeria.

Go there and get a few hints.

Stay nearby the large young men, submit under them as a worker or something to that effect, be steadfast and unwavering, they'll convey you along, and gradually you'll begin getting fruitful.

On the off chance that one imbecile rolls with four savvy men, he makes them five shrewd men. Do you get??

8. Highlight a major name in the business

Somewhat this is connected to number 7.

Your proceeded with collusion with the enormous young men in the business may acquire you a free coordinated effort with one of them.

Be that as it may, in the event that it doesn't, pay assuming you need to.

Distinction isn't modest.

Penances are required in type of money, sweat, and time.

So assuming they request that you give them some bread, don't flee, search for the cash, pay.

That large name may very well be the main justification for why you would sell 1,000,000 duplicates of that tune.

Also, you may even get free sound blending and other sweet fixings that will make your melody sound wonderful.

Since a major demonstration is involved, he will not sit and permit you to shame him with awful beats from a freshman.

9. Get an accomplice and parted later on

In the event that you can prevail on your own better, in the event that you figure you can't, get yourself an accomplice.

Likely one who has dope liquid rap zingers, so while you do the performances, the other individual does the rapping.

Two heads are superior to one.

Most times, certain individuals' prosperity is attached to other people, assuming that they can observe themselves, they become effective.

R2Bees comprised of Mugeez and Paedae were fruitful accomplices from Ghana, including the renowned P Square, Bracket, Stylplus, Plantashun Boys, KC-Presh, every one of these are awesome mixes of craftsmen as a gathering that did incredible together.

Every one of the gatherings recorded are currently history, however every part is left with his own portion of abundance and acclaim.

So parting with flawless timing is important, it's not marriage, change is steady, what makes the biggest difference is that you folks rode to progress on one another's back.

10. Be known for something

Switching back and forth between Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae will make you look confounded.

Stick to one kind and be known for it.

Quit being adaptable to your own weakness.

Stick to what in particular works for you.

Be predictable and achievement will be drawn to you.


Never yield in your persistent effort, there are such countless specialists who once feasted with the arrogant in light of the fact that at one point in their music profession they were named "effective" yet they yielded and got cleaned into indefinite quality.

Set forth a great deal of hard energy to go up there, and when you arrive, try harder to keep awake there.

Getting rich is a certain something, remaining rich is another. Best of LUCK!!!



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