‘My son was bullied like Sylvester Oromoni at Dowen College’


‘My son was bullied like Sylvester Oromoni at Dowen College’

A parent has said that her child had a confronted comparative experience to that of the late Sylvester Oromoni as an understudy of Dowen College Lekki.

The mother shared her experience during a zoom meeting coordinated by the Concerned Parents and Educators' organization – gathering of around 200,000 guardians and teachers began by training marking subject matter expert, Mrs. Yinka Ogunde on Saturday night.

The lady, who became enthusiastic while a previous educator of the school who called himself Samuel said he surrendered in light of the fact that the lodging's staggered working at Dowen College didn't take into consideration appropriate oversight of the male understudies, scolded him for not shouting out with regards to his perceptions.

"I was a life mentor for a long time. I need to say that I worked at Dowen College for a very long time. One of the issues we have with lodgings today is that the constructions are not purposed-worked for motel. I may be alluding to Dowen College. Presently a circumstance where you have severals floors and no for floor has a house parent checking the understudies. When you hear a sound and go higher up, the seniors have changed the story.

"From the main day they moved the youngsters from recruited structures into the long-lasting lodging, it was a delayed bomb pausing.

"At last I surrendered. I left there and went to A' Hall due to that circumstance. The kids are not all around observed. I shouldn't say such a great amount about a spot I am not working."

The agrieved mother then, at that point, added: "Why for what reason did you not say it since? For what reason would you say you are trying to say it now when a kid has kicked the bucket? My child was tormented and nearly passed on in Dowen College.

“Why did you keep this for nine years and then you left the school? My son was a victim. They did exactly what they did to Sylvester to my boy. They put off the light; they beat him; they were dancing around; they put a box on his head – seven of them. They forced my son to kneel down; they put a suitcase on his head; they were dancing like around him like an acoustic thing.

“At the same time they took out a phone and recorded it. That video online somewhere. Now you are telling me that you left Dowen because of the bullying. Why did you not say so that people like us will not put our children in that hole?



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