Why I stayed away from skit makers’ visit to Osinbajo –Mr Macaroni States

Mr Macaroni

Online media comic and entertainer, Debo Adebayo, prevalently known as Mr Macaroni, has said that he was missing during the visit by a gathering of play producers to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, in light of the fact that he was not content with the nation's chiefs. In a progression of Twitter posts on Friday, he expressed, "First, I don't think there is a relationship of play creators. Assuming there is, I know nothing about it. Furthermore, that would be fine since I am an entertainer/performer first before the tag 'production creator'. 

"So I don't think those that went to see the VP without me or any other individual intended to sideline me. I need to accept they were welcome to see the VP by the coordinators of an honor service the same way I was welcomed. The main distinction is that I declined the greeting. 

"The explanation I declined is straightforward. As a resident, I'm not content with our chiefs and I would rather not partner with them. It's alright in the event that others accept that sitting with the public authority will change specific things and choose to give it a shot. I don't figure they ought to be executed for that. 

"I have quite recently seen a lot to realize that the public authority sees and hears everything. They and their laborers are consistently on the Internet. They know what we cry and grumble about and they fail to address it. All in all, what will plunking down with them to let them know what they definitely know change? 

He added, "When lawmakers say they need to connect with me, I generally advise them to pick a public spot, where all individuals from the press will be available. With the goal that I can say my psyche from My perspective. At the point when they are asking for votes, they come to us freely. Anyway, for what reason would you like to see me secretly?'' 

He kept up with that his longing was for Nigeria to be a superior country for him and different residents. He stated, "I'm no legend or holy person. I'm not great. I'm just a concerned resident who needs a superior country for me and for each and every other Nigerian. I utilize my voice, my specialty and my foundation to do this and I have been significantly aggrieved for it. 

"This is the kind of person I am. It is who I have consistently been, even before distinction. I have languished such a great amount over it and some of the time I wonder why I am how I am. In any case, whenever I recollect the number of lives I have had the option to affect decidedly, I am content with myself." 

The designation that visited Osinbajo went under the umbrella of the Nigeria Skits Industry Awards, driven by its advertiser, Bimbo Daramola. Other play creators who went on the visit incorporate Josh Alfred (Josh2funny), Maryam Apaokagi (Taaooma), Adebamiro Adeyanju (Mr Hyenana) and Adeyemi Elesho and Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba).



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